Sunday, 26 August 2012

Ancient Mosque in Bangladesh

Ancient Mosque from the 7th Century Discovered in Bangladesh!!
Bangladeshi Authorities take away and SELL the rare ancient Islamic Artifacts!

The ancient masjid was discovered in a remote village in Bangladesh called Rangpur (kurigram highway) there was a desolate forest there for a long time. The forest's name is majader, At time to clearing the jungle a worker found some brick with flower design which was very ancient. Thus to remove the soil and brick and come to a full mosque foundation. The size of 6''× 6''×''an inscription found in the text of which is Arabic - La - ilaha - illallahu muhammadur rasulullah (There is no God but Allah and Muhammad (saw) is His Messenger, hijri year 69.

Ancient Arabic Inscriptions from hijiri 69 (islamic year)

An amateur archaeologist has said  the mosque is believed to have been built in the 7th century, further investigation and analyzation could prove the site to be the earliest mosque built in South Asia!

Please watch the video linked below for more information and footage!


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